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You can find our Company Procedures and Policies in the Company Handbook.  Please make sure you read through so you are not surprised later about anything.



The Valdez Dance Company (VDC) will be closed for the following holidays:

Thanksgiving:                        November 23/24

Christmas/Winter Break:       December 25th - January 5th

Spring Break:                         March 18th - 22nd


If schools are closed due to weather, The VDC will also be closed unless you have been contacted otherwise.

VDC does not follow the in-service date closures- dance will run as normal on those dates.


Office Hours

The VDC is open for classes Monday-Friday from 3:00-8:30.  The office hours will be from 3:00-5:00, if you need to see us, this is the best time to do so. 



Our annual recital will occur on May 18th at the Valdez Civic Center.  We attempt to have as professional of a show as possible, which means that dancers wear specific costumes (all purchased through the studio) and we have a rehearsal May 17th.  All students participate in the show excluding the tumbling and creative dance classes.  There will be plenty of time to prepare for the show throughout the year, but please feel free to as any questions that you may have regarding the show.  It is imperative if you sign up for a recital class that students are present for the end of the year recital.


We would like to wish everyone all the best in this new year of dance.  


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